Traction Alopecia

It occurs because of the stress applied to the root causing damage to the hair follicle. These styles can damage the follicle because of how tight they are, and from excessive pulling on the scalp.
While hair styling is the most common cause of traction alopecia, it can also follow vigorous combing or brushing.
Ponytails produce frontal or parietal hair loss. Tight braiding in cornrows produces a marginal or central alopecia with widening of the part lines. Twisting hair into a bun on the top of the head can produce horseshoe alopecia in the centre of the scalp. Brush rollers applied too tightly produce irregularly shaped areas of alopecia. Vigorous brushing or over even an enthusiastic massage can produce diffuse hair loss.

At the other extreme, constant application of hair extensions can also cause Traction Alopecia as the weight of the artificial hair pulls on the shaft and follicle. If you frequently wear extensions, always get them fitted by a professional and take their advice on when your hair has had enough.
Dealing with Traction Alopecia
If you’ve noticed patchy hair loss around the top or sides of your scalp and think it may be due to Traction Alopecia, the best thing to do is immediately change your hairstyle to one which is looser and more natural, to prevent further damage.
In most cases, the hair loss should only be temporary, provided that it is noticed early and steps are taken to reverse the process. However, if the condition has persisted unchecked for a considerable length of time, there is a risk that the hair loss may be permanent.
Also, it is important to know that hair fall control is quite impossible for those who have early androgenetic alopecia or who have developed scarring from prolonged traction.
People with traction alopecia may visit a hair specialist doctor for assessment, as many have associated early androgenetic alopecia which requires separate treatment.
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