Trichoscanning Machine-it used to determine the inner skin conditions of the scalp and to diagnose the hair follicular state ,damage hair, its numbers and state of infections .It is also known as hair scanning.
This is the would famous digital microscope , it includes 50x, 170x, and 320x lenses. It provides a powerful tool for professional to enlarge and analyze client’s hair and scalp images and photos on laptop or LCD monitor .This presentation enhances the clients understanding of their specific hair loss conditions.
Hair Test Machine-it is the world famous machine to diagnose the hair growth rate, density of hair, scalp conditions, and to know the thallus and vallous Hair ratio and hair thickness. And Norwood classification of baldness (type 1 to type 7) and required follicular units.& hair analysis Video Microscope-it is used to know the hair health conditions like damage, density, and thickness. And any infections like dandruff and lice infection.