The skin of our body routinely replaces older cells with new ones & the same holds true for the skin of the scalp. The older cells are pushed to the surface to be discarded & new ones come up below. Dandruff occurs when the rate of replacement of the cells of the scalp is too fast. The older cells appear likes flakes on the scalp which is what we call dandruff. The causes could be many like dry skin, living in very cold dry climate besides all he other causes of hair fall like improper hygiene, improper diet, use of strong chemicals, tensions, insufficient rest, combing hard etc. It needs to be treated for it could be a potential cause of infection as bacteria grow in the sore areas which develop in the scalp due to itching caused by the dandruff.

Treatment: For those with dry skin, regular oiling of the scalp at least twice a week is very important, besides taking a balanced diet, proper rest & avoiding use of harsh chemicals.

Dandruff is also called as seborrhea capitis chiefly occurs in adolescent & young adults .It manifest as loose greasy scales, scattered ,diffusely on the scalp which in sever cases may becomes itchy and show the presence of diffusely scattered erythematous papules. Many individuals have erroneous belief that dandruff is due to dry ness of hair thus they apply large quantity of oil to the scalp, this oil may able to mask the dandruff temporarily, but it certainly interferes with the proper clining and leads to deposition of greater amounts of dust in the hair. Ultimately, this makes the dandruff worse .application of oils to scalp is not necessary and it should rather be strictly avoided in cases of pityriasis capitis


  • Excessive secretion of the sebaceous glands
  • Application of hair oil facilitate further deposition of dust
  • Polluted atmosphere and dust
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