Chemotherapy hair loss introduction

Chemotherapy consists of the administration of drugs that destroy rapidly reproducing cancer cells. Cancer cells are some of the most rapidly reproducing cells in the body but other normal cells (such as hair follicles) which contribute to the formulation of hair shaft and nails are also rapidly reproducing. Unfortunately chemotherapy preferentially destroy cancer cells but also affects normal cells and hair follicles too. This causes hair loss also known as anlagen effluvium type of alopecia. Not all chemo therapy drugs cause hair loss, some times hairloss is so slight and hardly noticeable. in other cases there may be temporary, partial or complete baldness. The amount of the hairloss depends on the drug, dosage and basic nature of the individual patient.

How and when hair loss and regrowth occurs in chemotherapy ?

Hair loss usually starts within a few weeks after starting chemotherapy, although it can start within a few days. Regrowth may take 6-12 months but returning hair may be different than what is lost. There are chances of white hairs, different colour hairs, poor texture, thinning of the hair or permanent loss in some cases.

If I apply this formula, will there be any hairloss during chemotherapy ?

Yes, there will be hair loss during chemotherapy. This homoeopathic medicines will minimize damage to the hair follicles and regrow faster. Study shows that after chemotherapy returning hair may be different form the hair you lost. Due to the absence of alteration of the pigment the hair may grow white, gray or of different colours. Hair looses its texture and becomes curly too. Even some patients loose their hair permanently.
This formula will solve all these problems. It will protect follicles from the effects of the chemotherapy on hairs.

What Exact Benefit will I get using this homoeopathic medicines ?

Chemotherapy related Hair problems

  • Some patients get permanent Hair loss due to chemo therapy
  • Regrowth of hair may be white, gray, curley, and poor texture
  • After chemo therapy hair returns after 3-6 months

Advantages of Dr.Rajguru's HRSTreatment for chemotherapy hair loss treatment in India

  • 100% safe homoeopathic & Herbal medicines hair loss
  • No white hairs, no curley hairs and good texture
  • After completion of chemotherapy regrowth